• Ford warned that profits will fall next year as the company ramps up investments in new technologies, its third such warning since July when it cautioned that a US industry downturn could hit its results.

  • Gold futures settled higher Wednesday, as support from a retreat in the U.S. dollar prompted prices to snap a five-day slide.

  • Reits are ready for their coming out party. As of Friday, listed real estate investment trusts will become the 11th sector in the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), the ubiquitous system used by indexers and investors to drive asset allocation. Until now, they have been treated as financials, in the same sector as banks and insurers.

  • These cities have the highest rents in the country

  • No matter how many different myths there are floating around, online reviews are here to stay. By now, it’s hard to discount just how important they are to the real estate industry. You can get a head start by building your online profile using the power of reviews.

Market volatility has reappeared and if the whipsaw has scared you, it may be time to re-evaluate your portfolio. Read more...

Once you’re retired and eligible to receive Social Security it doesn’t mean you don’t have tax issues to think about. One of the biggest issues for the current crop of seniors is lessening their taxes on Social Security benefits. The problem with taxes on Social Security is that it’s not the Social Security income that puts you over the income threshold. It’s usually your distributions from other accounts that get you in trouble. Read more...

Retirement readiness is near an all-time low. Just 14% of adults are very confident they will live comfortably after quitting work and 60% have less than $25,000 in savings, according to the Employee Benefits Research Institute’s most recent Retirement Confidence Survey. Read more...

More than one third (36%) of those with pensions planning to retire in 2016 plan to take some or all of their pension savings as a cash lump sum. Read more...

DIY disasters can prove to be costly and your household insurer may refuse to foot the bill unless you have taken the right precautions and ensured that proper cover is in place. Read more...

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