• buy stock

    How to buy stock directly

    How to buy stock directly? Buying stocks in individual companies is one of the most traditional ways to invest money in the stock market. There may be a few circumstances in which a person may want to buy stocks directly from a company. These may include factors such as high ...
  • share data

    World shares at record highs following Chinese data

    Shares across bourses were up, as data suggested stability in the world’s second-largest economy World shares rose to record highs on Friday, buoyed by Chinese data that suggested the world’s second-biggest economy was stabilising. Riskier assets were in demand worldwide as the Chinese growth data, along with easing trade tensions ...
  • alternative investment

    Henderson Alternative leaps 11% on decision to wind up following review

    The £105m Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust will wind up following a strategic review instigated by manager Alex Barr The board of the £105m Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust (HAST) has proposed the company be wound up after a strategic review instigated by manager Alex Barr.
  • stocks

    Tips on how to invest in stocks UK

    Investing in stocks is one of the most common ways to earn significant profits. But investors should know how to invest in stocks UK in order to earn decent levels of profits. They should be aware how the stock market works and the variables that affect the stock market.
  • yield curve

    The Bond Yield Curve Inversion And Investment Choices Simply Explained

    Introduction What The Yield Curve ‘Indicator’ Really Means & Why Investors Should Keep Calm & Carry On The month of August 2019 has seen the financial press and pages dominated by the term ‘yield curve inversion’ and ‘inverted yield curve’. The event is being touted as a strong indication that ...
  • private capital

    The Runaway Rise of Private Capital

    Introduction Why investors are seeking higher returns away from public markets The recent spate of publicly listed British companies being taken private has drawn attention to the rise of private capital. But the reality is that the ratio of global investment capital divided between private and public markets has been ...
  • cannabis industry

    Is The $150 Billion Cannabis Industry The Investment Opportunity Of A Lifetime?

    Introduction A Huge, Proven and Global Market Is Suddenly Being Legalised And Europe Its Biggest Opportunity In this report you will learn more about the background to the wave of regions legalising medical and recreational use of cannabis and the historical investment opportunity that represents.
  • inheritance tax

    Inheritance Tax – A Guide To Preventing Your Legacy Being Cut By 40%

    Introduction How much of your hard-earned estate stands to be lost to inheritance tax before it reaches your beneficiaries? In this guide we’ll explain the ins and outs of how and what inheritance tax is charged on and the mechanisms available to you to minimise losses for those you choose ...
  • A Guide to Tax Efficient Investing via EIS/SEIS

    Introduction Brexit may not be showing the British government in the best of lights. But if there is one thing a succession of chancellors have shown admirable competence in it is encouraging savings and investment. A selection of tax efficient ISA and SIPP wrappers have been introduced and annual allowances ...
  • residential property

    Tips for foreigners investing in UK residential property

    Whether you want to buy a property as an investment or plan to use it for residential purposes, there are plenty of opportunities for foreign investment in UK residential property. However, as an overseas-based investor in the UK property market, it is necessary to make the right moves at the ...