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Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and digital assets 2022: has the tipping point been reached or is the mother of all bubbles set to pop?

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Last year we introduced the 2021 version of this report with the fact that Bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency and digital assets market gained almost 300% over the course of 2020. And we posed the question “will we finally see a mainstream breakthrough” for digital assets in 2021? So how did 2021 unfold in the cryptocurrencies and digital assets market? And what might 2022 hold in store?

We’ll look at:

  • An introduction to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and digital assets markets (more experienced readers might choose to skip ahead here if already familiar).
  • What’s happened with the ‘established’ cryptocurrencies over the past year and what might developments mean?
  • Major developments in the mainstreaming with global financial markets such as infrastructure for institutional trading.
  • The boom in trading the myriad of ‘alt coins’ available on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The rise of NFTs and other developing digital asset categories.
  • Regulatory developments.
  • A look ahead to 2022 and the factors that can be expected to influence the direction of the cryptocurrency and digital assets markets.


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