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AI-powered property company launches online offering for property buyers and investors

One & Only Pro, an AI-powered property investment company, has launched online offering for property buyers and investors

One & Only Pro, a property investment company which aims to help investors find good deals, has launched its online offering after spending two years developing algorithms and data analysis.

The AI-powered site is designed for investors and landlords with all levels of experience, allowing them to search and compare property investment deals.

Located in 172 carefully-identified buy-to-let hotspots, there are over 100,000 properties listed on One & Only Pro, many of which are priced Below Market Value or have yields of over 10 per cent.

The organisation behind the website, which is funded by investors, was founded in 2008. This year’s website launch follows two years of digital development.

One & Only Pro’s CEO, Henri Sant-Cassia said their new website has been designed with the specific aim of helping investors to identify opportunities faster, using the best data available.

Henri said property investment should always be head over heart and their site gives investors of all levels the perfect platform to make informed decisions by analysing data and information that isn’t available anywhere else. Landlords and investors want to know which properties offer the best long-term growth potential, but they also want to know how much is going to be generated each year.

He said that’s why they are providing this combination of data. They have found that yields published online can often be misleading, which is frustrating. They are therefore committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date yield data around.

One & Only Pro is aiming to get more people engaged with property investment, and is said to be free to use.

He said property investment shouldn’t be a closed shop. There are thousands of affordable and profitable opportunities out there which their platform can identify.

Henri said they want to provide people with all the tools they need to make quick, informed decisions which are influenced by data and figures and assisted by technology.

Another objective of the platform is to help disheartened first-time buyers to take their first steps on the property ladder by purchasing cheaper investment opportunities.

He said if more people embrace the concept of investing in property in a slightly different way, this could help to increase property ownership in the future, as well as contribute towards the much-needed supply of rental homes.

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