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McDonald’s Drive-Thru to stay open during UK lockdown


The UK government announced that England will be going into lockdown from Thursday

McDonald’s has confirmed that it will be keeping its Drive Thru, takeaway and delivery services open throughout lockdown.

Yesterday the government announced that the whole of England will be going back into lockdown from Thursday.

As a result, hospitality businesses including restaurants, pubs and cafes will have to shut until December 2.

But some of the chains will still be able to operate for takeaways.

That includes McDonald’s, which has confirmed that it’s Drive Thrus and deliveries will stay open for business.

In fact, Mcdonald’s has confirmed that it will be offering the same menu going into lockdown.

You can check which restaurants have Drive Thru available, by using the restaurant locator tool.

You can order delivery through the Uber Eats or Just Eat apps.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said: Following last night’s announcement of a new four week lockdown in England, we have confirmed that our Drive-Thru, takeaway and delivery services can remain open. Our dine-in areas will be closed during this period starting on November 5.

We will continue to follow the guidance and regulations as set out by public health and government authorities and will confirm any changes to our services to our employees first and then our customers, the spokesperson said.

During the last lockdown, large numbers of fans were seen at McDonald’s Drive Thru with mile-long queues at some locations.

Some super fans even ended up camping overnight to make sure they beat the queues.

Now, the chain is urging customers to pre-order on the McDonald’s app, to help bring the wait at Drive-Thrus down.

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