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Shares in Alexandria Real Estate Equities Acquired by Achmea Investment Management B.V.

Achmea Investment Management B.V. purchased a new stake in Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (NYSE:ARE) during the first quarter, according to its most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The firm purchased 7,771 shares of the real estate investment trust’s stock, valued at approximately $859,000 (£660,742).

Several other hedge funds and other institutional investors have also added to or reduced their stakes in ARE. BlackRock Inc. boosted its stake in shares of Alexandria Real Estate Equities by 3,165.7% in the first quarter.

BlackRock Inc. now owns 8,350,227 shares of the real estate investment trust’s stock valued at $922,867,000 (£710,053,869) after buying an additional 8,094,530 shares during the last quarter.

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