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Everything you Need to Know About ISAs



The abbreviation ISA stands for Individual Savings Account and is a government initiative to encourage individuals to save for their retirement or major lifetime investments such as their primary property, by providing a strong tax-reduction incentive.

While the uninitiated are often under the false impression that ISAs are complicated and hard to understand, the reality is that ISAs are in fact a very simple product. Commonly used jargon such as referring to ISAs as ‘tax-efficient wrappers’ and recent changes to rules on ISA allowances and new ISA products such as Lifetime and Help to Buy ISAs have likely unwittingly added to that misconception.

Topics covered in this Guide

  • What is an ISA?
  • How Does the ISA Tax Incentive Work?
  • ISA Rules
  • Opening new ISAs and Transfers
  • ISA Inheritance
  • Types of ISA
  • Combined Cash and Investment ISA
  • Innovative Finance ISA
  • Help to Buy ISA
  • Lifetime ISA (LISA)

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