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London’s position economically and geographically cannot be overstated. It is one of the hubs for international trade and commerce which makes the perfect case for property investment London. An investor should expect high return on investment as the city is home to almost all the major corporations, multinationals and global business giants.

Apart from the capital itself, it is essential for large businesses operating out of the UK, to have base of operations or headquarter in the city itself. Only by doing so, can a business achieve its full potential, which underlines the significance of property investment London. For many businesses, costs of property or rentals is exponentially high in comparison to the profits. This makes property investment London one of the most lucrative opportunities for investors.

The popularity of property investment London attracts investors from across the world. However, at present, dollar buyers are having an advantage over others due to the drop in the value of pound.

The city boasts of many post codes across its length and breadth, which should return high profits on property investment London. However, Prime Central London is a location which ranks at the top due to its expensive addresses. Although, investing in these areas may cost somewhat more compared with some of the other locations across the capital, high capital growth in these areas makes them worth the money.

This year, there have been some significant sales reported in the Super Prime market.

According to an analysis by AI-powered property investment portal, One & Only Pro, Kensington & Chelsea emerged as the best place for property investment London as Brexit fears continue to hit prices.

Almost a fifth (19%) of properties in the borough were found to have ‘Diamond’ investment status by One and Only Pro’s unique algorithm, with an average price tag of over £1 million.

The research ranked London boroughs based on the percentage of ‘Diamond’ properties on the market in March 2019.  Investment properties across London were given a score from one to ten, with properties rated ten dubbed ‘Diamond’ properties and the most likely to increase in value.

According to the research, while developers and investors typically look for growth areas, location played the key role for property investment London. Investment in prime central areas of the city is one of the best options for property investment London as it offers investors better returns, terms of location and long term value.

Hammersmith and Fulham ranked second on the list with 11% of Diamond properties. The average Diamond property price tag for the area was £520,669. The City of Westminster was at the third place with 9% Diamond properties. The average Diamond property price for the area was £917,799. Occupying the fourth spot, Barking and Dagenham emerged as a potentially attractive option for property investment London, with an average price of a Diamond property in the area at only £367,716.

Camden ranked fifth, with 4% of properties offering a sound investment and an average Diamond property price of £802,019.

Henri Sant-Cassia, Chief Executive of One and Only Pro commented: “We were expecting prime central London to do better than the rest of the London boroughs, as this area has already been discounted much more than the outer areas due to Brexit fears. We are seeing a high number of properties now at an attractive price and with weaker sterling this has been attracting foreign buyers back into this market.

“Generally the £3million plus market may not be performing as well as other properties in London’s wealthier areas. But our data shows many properties around £1-2 million have underlying strength at this price range. They have bottomed out in terms of price and could even experience gains in the near future.

“Outside of Central London Barking and Dagenham shows most potential and with average property prices of less than £400,000, this is also a very accessible investment opportunity.

“My other top location tips for buy-to-let investors at the lower end of the market would be Newham and Haringey. The Diamond properties in these areas cost less than the average cost of a home in the UK at between £170,000 and £218,000. One and Only Pro has been designed to reveal those hidden gems, so even inexperienced investors can find the best deals in a particular area”.

Therefore, property investment London offers lots of opportunities due to the global nature of the city. It is preferred by professionals and businesspersons from different parts of the world who see a growing opportunity in business and commerce. Many businesses look to London as a base for their international operations.

Since the city is a huge centre for banking and financial services, there are many wealthy people who can afford to buy property. That is why, London remains a city that attracts a great deal of investment. Apart from this, the city has one of the best legal and financial infrastructures in the world. The higher education segment of the city is also a major draw as a number of students enrol at educational institutions across the city each year as many parents look to educate their children at one of London’s high ranking universities. Moreover, highly efficient transport links across the city make it easy for commuters to move around the city quickly and at minimal costs. The high-tech city has all the amenities required for an outstanding living, making it comfortable for international professionals as well as students.

These advantages make London one of the best international cities to live and work for many across the world. This generates a high demand for residential property across the city, making it perfect for property investment. As the number of people coming to the city each year continues to rise, there is demand for more homes. Since there is already a shortage of supply of new homes, property investment London is a good opportunity. This further boosts the scope for property investment London. Therefore, there is a wealth of opportunity for property investment London.


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