Birmingham gold dealer earns ‘£10m in a day’ with Trump’s win

In the best day’s trading in eight years, a Birmingham gold dealer hit sales of almost £10m, thanks to Donald Trump’s election win.

Financial uncertainty around the world following the presidential result has seen demand for gold – seen as a safe haven investment – rocket.

Rob Halliday-Stein, from wholesaler BullionByPost in Birmingham, said: “It’s gone nuts, absolutely bonkers.”

Gold has been trading above £1,050 an ounce, above a six-month low of £821.

Mr Halliday-Stein, who set up his firm in the city in 2008, said: “Trump equals more uncertainty, and normally that means it’s a good time to get into gold.

“This is looking like it will be our best day of trading in eight years.

“We’ve done a good few million already, and it’s getting towards £10m.”

The result caused gold to initially jump 5% although it has now fallen back to more modest gains.

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